Arsenal’s Wenger declares Premiership 99.9pc ‘clean’

Arsenal’s Arsène Wenger said that he thinks the English game is “99.9 percent clean”, adding that he did not believe that in England people fix matches.Discussing the matter in the build up to his team’s visit to Cardiff City, the French-manager said that it was a ‘new problem’ that we all face.

“I still think that 99.9 percent, the English game is completely clean. When you see the happiness of the players when they score goals, even in the lower divisions, the passion of the fans when I was at Barnet for example, I can’t believe there is a match-fixing problem in England,” he explained

He added that the hard work against such illegal actions must continue in earnest. “Can it be eradicated completely? I am not sure. It is not only a concern for me, it is a shame,” Wenger said.

“I think we absolutely have to fight against that with the strongest severity to get that out of the game. Maybe the lower divisions are a bit more under threat because it is a bit more anonymous, there is less money so it is easier to buy people, but I don’t think that exists in the Premier League at all.”

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