Optimal system for eBay’s Magento

Online payment solutions provider Optimal Payments has launched an integrated payment processing and fraud management solution to serve the online retail clients of Magento. 

Magento is a leading e-commerce platform owned by eBay with more than 150,000 merchants worldwide. Optimal Payments has become a Magento Silver Industry Partner. The new Magento Optimal Payments extension is a free software download from Magento Connect, providing connectivity to Optimal’s Netbanx payment gateway.

“The extension offers Magento clients of all sizes access to our international payment processing capabilities, multi-currency support and global fraud management tools,” said Martin Leroux, chief business development officer at Optimal Payments.

“Furthermore, our integrated ThreatMetrix service will help merchants minimise their losses while providing a positive checkout experience for their legitimate customers.”

source : www.intergameonline.com
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