1Tapps moves into mobile gaming with new apps

Mobile app developer 1Tapps has announced it is to make a move into the mobile gaming market with the launch of two new apps.

Both apps are primarily targeted at the mobile gaming for children sector, with one app free to download and the other requiring a small fee in order to gain access.

The paid-for 1TapBubbles app is based on the TOMY kids’ water toss game and has been designed to replicate the classic game.

Players tap the screen to create a torrent of water to send the ring upwards, with the player then able to tilt the device in order to control where the rings descend.

Elsewhere, the free-to-play 1TapMaze challenges the player to direct a ball through a labyrinth maze.

Players can tilt their device to direct the ball through each maze, thus replicating the classic game play of retro labyrinth-based games.

Both apps can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices and are available in 22 different languages.

In addition, the two apps also feature 1Tapps’ ‘tap and go’ system, meaning players do not have to go through a menu system and can simply tap the app to launch a new game.

“These apps are designed specifically so that children can be left alone with devices without having to worry about any further expense,” a company spokesperson said.

“We have purposely set out to create apps which are fun for children of all ages, and parents can rest easy knowing that their children are playing fun, educational games with no risk of running up any additional costs.”

source : www.igamingbusiness.com

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