Women and problem gambling

Differing motivations, says expert.

Women represent 25 per cent of all “problem gamblers” – in the UK at least – and their main outlets for their compulsion are the internet and slots.

That comes from Liz Karter, a psychotherapist, author of a book on women and problem gambling and regular contributor to seminars, workshops and clinics on the subject, as well as a private practitioner with a speciality in the syndrome.

Gloss over the background, for there are plenty more in-depth considerations to the conclusions which preface an interview with her. One of the most important, which Karter is keen to impart, is that generally the industry has a clean bill of health on the subject of awareness of problem gamblers and their needs.

The preconceived image of a psychotherapist in female problem gamblers are dispensed with the effectiveness of a 12-bore shotgun. Liz Karter is every inch the self-confident businesswoman, an image charmingly overlain with an acute awareness of reality and a readiness to appreciate both sides of a story.

Yes, Karter understands that very often gambling compulsion is misused to engender sympathy; yes, it often hides larger more endemic failings; yes, the industry is often pilloried unjustly by hypocritical politicians; yes, there are public misconceptions about the industry which are often harnessed by self-seeking hangers-on.

source : www.intergameonline.com

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