Bags launch inquiry into Sittingbourne bets

BAGS has launched an inquiry into a series of successful combination forecast and tricast multiple bets at Sittingbourne’s Bags meetings on Saturday and Sunday which it is understood has led to some bookmakers facing significant payouts on small-stakes wagers placed nationwide.

Four races are said to have been involved with three of the contests yielding winning dividends for the bets concerned. “We have asked Sittingbourne to look at the races involved and report back urgently on their conclusions,” said Bags general manager Graham McLennan yesterday. “We will also be referring the matter to the Greyhound Board.”

Asked whether there was official advice for bookmakers to withhold payment of successful bets, McLennan added: “That is entirely a matter for the bookmakers concerned and very much dependent on their individual rules.”

Sittingbourne was suspended from the Bags service for two months in 2009 over what was perceived to be a lack of confidence in the betting ring at the Kent track.

Promoter Roger Cearns acted to add Gary Wiltshire to the team of on-course layers although he stood for the last time on December 15.

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