Coping with cash

Technology paves the way for increased security, flexibility and speed.

ON average each bill validator accepts more than 20,000 banknotes and 30,000 tickets so high levels of acceptance are vital.

The CashCode one validator from Crane Payment Solutions provides 98 per cent acceptance rate on the first insertion due to its multi-sensor technology, alignment mechanism and four-way barcode acceptance which simply means more cash in the cashbox. An extra $20 per day per game can generate an additional $600,000 win for every 1,000 games.

On average banknotes get updated every five to seven years. Gaming operators need to make sure that their validator technology is future-proof. In other words, it should be able to accept old and new series of banknotes effectively. Crane Payment Solutions has an established working relationship with banks across the globe and works with institutions to ensure products are ready for any currency changes.

The CashCode one is designed to read almost all security features of banknotes in addition to having a higher memory capacity and dual processors. Ultimately, it allows acceptance of new or street grade, polymer or paper banknotes effectively all the time. It also allows the easy swap of the BV head from one OEM to the other or from up-stack

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