Israeli operator launches online sports betting system

The Israel Sports Betting Board (ISBB), the exclusive rights operator for sports betting in the country, has launched a new online betting system in partnership with UK sports betting software provider LVS and its French counterpart, lottery solutions specialist Lotsys.

The launch comes after LVS and Lotsys won a tender to supply their Advanced Betting and Lottery Platform technology (ABP) to ISBB in the form of a customised ABP platform comprising a sportsbook, transactional engine, web and mobile site.

Customers in Israel are now able to access the new betting service through the website.

ISBB said the move was part of a strategy to upgrade their offer to customers and distribute a broader range of sports and markets.

“This solution provides the foundation to sustain ISBB’s growth for the next decade,” ISBB’s chairman Zach Fishbein said.

LVS and Lotsys said ABP is a new generation of betting solution that has been developed on modern technologies and exposes all its services through an open REST API.

Pascal Blyau, LVS’s managing director and FDJ development director added: “While ABP was initially designed for online betting operators, this kind of project allows us to extend ABP into a much more global and multi-channel solution purpose-fitted for sports betting and lottery operators.”

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