TitanBet Sportsbook update

titanbetonline1A player who had met 50% of bonus rollover but had limits inconsistent with continued play received an immediate €150 account credit. The player has already withdrawn the bonus and expressed gratitude for TitanBet’s handling of his account, while many other sportsbooks continue to rough up sharper players and outright refuse prorating the bonus.

Since April of this year, when SBR last conducted a review of TitanBet, the sportsbook has had few player raised issues through SBR and satisfactorily resolved what did surface.

In August 2012, SBR reported that TitanBet was unjustly voiding bets. The sportsbook has had a spotty history of canceling perfectly valid bets when the line either moved against the sportsbook or when their own wagering line managers failed to react to market movement and left a number up too long. In many of the instances, the player’s had screenshots of the locked in wagers, which were verified to be in-line with the market at some point from the opening to closing line.

TitanBet ultimately agreed to put a stop to this practice and systematically improved their risk management, wagering supervision, and tightened up their online bonus program.

SBR staff met with TitanBet executives in Barcelona to discuss the progress the sportsbook has made. TitanBet is proud of their betting product and eager for their positive strides to be enjoyed by punters worldwide. The sportsbook has been upgraded to the mark of B in the online sportsbook ratings guide.

source : www.sportsbookreview.com

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