GamCrowd launches registration site

GamCrowd, a new crowd-funding and sourcing platform that aims to help start-up companies in the gambling industry, has opened its registration site for potential investors.

The service launched in December, as previously reported by iGaming Business.

“We are launching in two phases,” GamCrowd chief executive Chris North said.

“We are taking registrations from start ups and investors now but won’t start matching the two groups for a month or two.

“We need some time working with the start-ups to ensure they are ‘GamCrowd Fit’. Once we have a sufficient number of quality start-ups and a pool of registered investors we will launch phase two and start matching investors with entrepreneurs.”

GamCrowd Fit is a process that companies must go through before they can publish their pitch on GamCrowd, ensuring that all of the pitches are presented in a standard format with all of the information an investor should need.

GamCrowd said that not every start-up would pass the process and be allowed to publish their pitch.

“Our logo, design work, videos, testing and many other elements of were crowdsourced and some big companies are starting to use it extensively,” North added. “I believe it can make a huge impact on our industry.”

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