NCAA Tournament Betting Futures by Sportsbook

ncaa-basketball-logoSportsbook bettors have proven over the years through their volume that futures betting is a favorite way of betting. Whether it’s a Super Bowl bet, Baseball Betting Futures, or who wins the next World Cup, the market of futures betting has continued to surge in popularity in recent years. NCAA Basketball Betting is no exception.

The outright tournament winner grid updates on the page in real-time.

Sportsbooks with odds featured on the page currently are the following:

The page itself is not necessarily ordered in accordance with SBR ratings. SBR analysts set the order of the columns based on which sportsbook is offering the best average price per team.

Additional betting markets including proposition wagers and marquee match ups of the 2014 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament will be posted. Readers looking to enter SBR’s annual March Madness bracket contest can find more information here. In addition to the 100,000 point prize-pool offered, SBR is offering a $600 travel voucher for the upcoming SBR Bash.

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