Virtual Piggy strikes payment deal with European Games Group

Virtual Piggy, provider of safe payment technology Oink, has entered into a partnership with the European Games Group to provide the distribution partner with payment technology for its various games.

Under the agreement, Virtual Piggy will provide its Oink mobile-first payment technology, which it said has been designed to allow retailers and game publishers to reach consumers in a “safe, legal and effective” manner.

Virtual Piggy said the technology serves as a “digital family wallet” that is available online or mobile and allows secure transactions, with the option of additional parental controls.

European Games Group will now utilise the technology on its various games, including the popular ‘Hero Zero’ title that boasts over 15 million players worldwide.

Karsten Maxem, partner, and director business development and ad sales at European Games Group, said: “Our games entertain millions of players in multiple countries and Oink is a perfect choice for us as a seamless, safe transaction method that works for gamers of all ages across our platform.

“Their rapid GamePay integration allows us to quickly provide a secure, frictionless in-game transaction experience to any of our current popular games.”

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