Intralot amends Ohio Lottery deal to include interactive terminals

INTRALOT has signed an amendment to its contract with the Ohio Lottery which will see the Greek gaming technology provider supply interactive terminals and games to the lottery.INTRALOT will provide the lottery with its Multi-Purpose Next Generation (MPNG) self-service lottery machines, which will be connected to the company EZPLAY Tap Games, part of the company’s EZPLAY product line of interactive games.

The MPNG machines will be connected ot INTRALOT’s B-On interactive gaming platform, which has been designed to expand sales and services across traditional and alternative sales channels.

The terminals will allow players to access all existing lottery games, and will be rolled out in veterans and fraternal organisations throughout Ohio. Revenue raised through the new terminals will be used to fund the state’s education system and charitable causes.

Ohio Lottery director Dennis Berg noted that the new machines would also be manufactured in the state, at Intralot’s dedicated facility in Mason, where the state’s keno machines and instant ticket dispensing equipment are already made.

“In conjunction with our vendor partner INTRALOT, we continue to conduct informational open house sessions throughout the state to interested veteran and fraternal organizations,” Berg explained. “Our goal is to provide clarifying information on how the MPNG program will work and this next generation equipment can benefit their organizations.”

Tom Little, president and chief executive of INTRALOT’s US subsidiary, said the amendment would allow the supplier to provide the lottery with interactive content “that will provide an immediate solution to the current needs of the state and its veteran and fraternal organizations.”

“Ohio will pave the way with these games to attract new players and help transition the Ohio Lottery into the top echelon of lotteries in the world,” Little continued. “Not only will this project create new jobs in the state, it will also lead to significant additional revenue for education in the great state of Ohio.”

Intralot has a long-standing relationship with the Ohio Lottery, with a two-year extension to its contract unanimously approved by the operator in 2011.

Intralot chief operating officer John Pantoleon commented: “Our fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership with the Ohio Lottery has led the lottery to its decision to assign us the project to deploy and introduce to the state our Next Generation MPNGs and innovative, TAPP IT! interactive touch screen games that offer to players a fun and exciting way to win prizes instantly.

“We are confident that our new offering, already successfully launched in Idaho, will be embraced by players in the State of Ohio and will increase the Ohio Lottery’s earnings, thus its contribution to good causes,” Pantoleon added.

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