Gamblit Gaming partners South Korea’s NS Studio

Real-money wagering platform provider Gamblit Gaming has agreed a partnership with South Korean online and mobile games developer NS Studio to launch a new game, Epic Slots. Epic Slots is a mobile puzzle game that incorporates dragons with a slot machine mechanic and will be available exclusively for iOS devices.

Gamblit chief executive Eric Meyerhofer commented that he was thrilled to announce his company’s partnership with NS Studio.

“We pride ourselves in being innovators in the gaming space and look for the same in our partners,” he said.

The company is set to reveal its full suite of products at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas later this month and has already signed up partners including the European subsidiary of Chinese games giant Shanda Games; South Korean studio Flexball, and US mobile games developer Gamiker.

Commenting on the new game, NS Studio chief executive Sangkyu Youn said: “Epic Slots will be filled with charming aspects that will appeal to all gamers, from casual to hardcore audiences.”

Gamblit is one of a growing number of real-money platform providers to have emerged over the past few years, alongside companies like CashBet and Betable. It offers a single software development kit that can be integrated into existing games, or a game development kit to develop original real-money titles.

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