Atari chief expects skill-based gaming growth

Frederic Chesnais, the chief executive of video gaming company Atari, has told that he expects more skill-based gaming to emerge in the iGaming marketplace in the future, bringing the video gaming sector even closer to the betting and gambling industry.

Chesnais will speak on a session that will explore synergies and business opportunities between real-money gaming and the video gaming industry next Wednesday, October 22, at EiG (Excellence in iGaming) in Berlin, Germany.

He is looking forward to discussing the “strengths and challenges of skill-based gaming and gambling, and their potential convergence” as he sees a “growing audience” for such activities.

“I think we will see more skill-based gaming emerge as the marketplace matures; this will create an organically cooperative environment in the future,” he told “Skill-based can be very simple though – we are not necessarily talking about hardcore game play.

“Betting and gambling can and should be fun and safe for everyone. Successful video games are typically games that are as fun and engaging to play the 100th time as they are to play the first time.  

“There needs to be solid gaming mechanics in addition to compelling core compulsion loops for a successful game. Safety is also key. We are all entertaining our audiences, at the end of the day.”

In April, Atari sealed an intriguing worldwide long-term strategic partnership with iGaming software company Pariplay and, according to Chesnais, betting and gambling is a sector that offers a significant opportunity for his company.

“We see this as a growing part of our business, so we will obviously look for new opportunities, leveraging our brand and growing experience within the space,” he added.

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