Twelve new operators apply to enter Spanish online gaming market

Spanish gambling regulator Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) has announced that a total of 12 new operators have applied to enter the country’s online gaming market under a new licence tender.

The process, which ended earlier this week, saw the 12 operators request a total of 20 licences.

Nine of these licences are for betting purposes and 11 are for other games, while 32 are specific product licences.

Meanwhile, qualified operators also submitted a total of seven new applications, six of which were for betting and one is to cover other games.

In addition, the DGOJ received 17 applications for a Singular Gaming Machine licence – 10 from qualified operators and seven from new operators – as well as one application from a new operator for a Singular Crusader Bets licence.

Operators will find out if they been successful within six months of the date that their application was submitted.

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