Google removes Russian gambling ads

Google has apologised to Russian authorities after it was ordered to prevent gambling ads from appearing on its searches.

The Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS) told Google to remove the ads after a complaint by an internet user.

The FAS said that Google explained the banned advertising by bots that can get around AdWords filters.

A FAS spokesman, citing a Google statement, said: “Unfortunately, in some cases questionable advertisers attempt to find holes in our filters by various means and sometimes they succeed.

“We are constantly improving our system and working on the reliability of our filters.”

Gambling is banned in Russia other than in four designated territories in Vladivostok, Altai Territory, Kaliningrad and the Azov Sea/Black Sea area.

In July 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law to allow gambling zones to also be set up in Crimea and Sochi.

Russia holds a stringent stance against online gambling, and has blocked access to websites by restricting regional ISPs and imposing transactional payment blocks on Russian credit card payments.

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