Senior UK minister hits out at gambling advertising

Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the UK Parliament, has expressed his concerns over the levels of gambling advertising in the country in a leaked letter to Culture Secretary Sajid Javid.

Alexander used the letter to highlight the impact such material could have on children and called for the national Gambling Commission to undertake a review of such advertisements in the UK.

“I am writing because I am growing increasingly concerned by the prevalence of betting advertising during televised sporting events that are watched by children,” Alexander said in the letter.

“It has now become almost impossible to watch any kind of sports event without being bombarded by highly solicitous advertising.”

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury also blamed the increase in gambling advertisements on the previous Labour Government, which in 2007 lifted restrictions on betting companies and allowed them to advertise on television before the watershed.

“But even then no one could have envisaged the explosion of aggressive advertising that has become a feature of a modern day weekend afternoon or how smartphone technology has made online betting so much more accessible,” Alexander added.

“Gambling companies should have the right to advertise their products on TV, but only after the 9pm watershed.

“Many parents enjoy sitting down with their children to watch a big sporting event.

“I suspect very few now consider what is advertised during the breaks acceptable.”

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