Metric Gaming Launches Pricing Feed for Masters Golf Tournament

Metric Gaming Launches Pricing Feed for Masters Golf TournamentSports betting technology and services specialist Metric Gaming today announced the worldwide commercial launch of its pricing feed for the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia this Thursday, April 9, 2015.

Starting with the Masters and for select future PGA Tour events, Metric will leverage its quant analytics-driven golf models and algorithms, coupled with the sophisticated handicapping expertise of seasoned traders (adjusting for momentum, situational factors and other intangibles), to provide its partners with a pricing feed powering a slate of compelling wagering markets, including:

  • Markets on which golfer will win his 3-ball or 2-ball matchup, available for pre-game wagering (before the day starts) and live wagering (available through hole 17 on each day of the tournament);
  • Markets on who will win the tournament outright, available for live wagering throughout the tournament (to be implemented following the Masters);
  • Markets on individual hole outcomes and totals for select 2-ball and 3-ball groupings, available for live wagering throughout the tournament (to be implemented after the Masters);
  • Markets on individual player shots (i.e., to hit the fairway or sink a birdie putt), available for live wagering on select golfers throughout the tournament (to be implemented following the Masters).

Metric’s unique wagering markets will also be available via Metric’s SuperLive™ platform, enabling shot-by-shot betting throughout the tournament.

As previously articulated by Metric Gaming’s founder, Martin de Knijff, the untapped potential of in-play golf wagering is massive (see Gambling Insider’s “A New Era In Sports Betting”, available here on page 3). “I have believed for a long time that with the right technology and expertise, in-game golf betting could be the fastest growing sportsbook revenue driver in the world,” commented de Knijff. “The sport is uniquely suited for in-play markets, and we look forward to enabling our partners to introduce these compelling wagering opportunities to punters and golf fans worldwide.” 

About Metric Gaming

Metric Gaming creates innovative, first-to-market mobile sports wagering software and provides unique sports handicapping expertise on behalf of licensed operators, technology providers and media companies interested in capitalizing on the massive and rapidly-expanding mobile wagering marketplace. The company was founded in 2011 by seasoned professional handicapper Martin de Knijff, who was seeking to leverage recent advances in mobile and media technology to revitalize an otherwise technologically stagnant sports wagering industry. Metric is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with subsidiaries located in the Isle of Man, Malta and Stockholm, Sweden.

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