WinView raises further funds for real-time mobile sports app

WinView, a US-based company that focuses on synchronised two screen television, has announced the closing of its second round of financing to complete and launch its real-time mobile sports application with live television.

‘WinView Games’, which is due to launch in time for the 2015 football season, will allow fans to play skill-based, in-game competitions during live television sports events and win cash rewards and prizes.

The company said that its new app will offer a similar experience to live in-play betting and will targets sports fans across a range of interest levels.

WinView noted that the second round of financing closed at just under $1.2 million (€1.1 million), with investors predominantly comprised of senior executives within the consumer package goods industry.

The first round of financing enabled WinView to raise $2 million for the venture.

Dave Lockton, founder and chief executive officer of WinView, said: “There is an inevitable progression of media and entertainment genres that leverage technology to reach the desired mobile and real-time consumption in Europe.

“This axiom is already being applied to televised-sports-based games of chance and skill.

“The European migration of betting and fantasy-based gaming, from season to weekly to daily, which is now over 70 % live in-play on mobile, is primed to happen with televised sports in the US.

“Our unique legal free two screen games for cash awards, which is protected by 18 issued and 19 pending patents, will finally bring real-time mobile cash rewarded game experience to virtually all televised sports in the next few years.

“After all, what’s more exciting than competing for cash with friends and league members?”

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