Afternorth partners Cashplay to launch cash tournaments

Norwegian game development studio Afternorth has partnered real-money tournament platform provider Cashplay to launch cash games for its Scrabble-like title Game of Words.

Like Scrabble or Words with Friends, Game of Words sees players look to earn as many points as possible by spelling out words on a board, and now comes with a new Play for Cash mode. This allows players to win real-money prizes, with new users able to play for free and still win a cash bonus.

It also comes with a new challenge mode, where users try to come up with as many words as possible in three minutes, with the player that creates the most winning the tournament.

Game of Words was launched by Afternorth in April 2013, with the company only founded a year earlier. It originally went live for Russian players, but is now also available in English, Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese.

“My experience with Cashplay has been great so far,” Afternorth founder Thomas Prestgaard commented. “The partnership we have is very convenient as it is in both parties’ interest that Game of Words becomes a success.

“We haven’t really had a lot of success monetizing our game with ads, especially when we are paying for our own ads to promote our game. The simple integration of Cashplay seems like the best opportunity at the moment”

Cashplay business development director Ryan Baird said he was pleased to have a new word game launching on his company’s platform.

“Game of Words fits very well with our platform and it is great to see that in addition to monetizing the game, we can also provide it with a new gameplay mode making it even more exciting for the players.”

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