Lithuania unveils amendments to remote gambling regulations

The Gaming Control Authority under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania has announced a number of changes to the country’s laws in relation to remote gambling.

As of January 1, the Gaming Control Authority said it will take “strict legal action” against operators that organise remote gambling illegally and target the country.

The regulatory body will take action to limit Lithuanian customer’s transactions and payouts of winnings from and to illegal gambling sites, with banks and other institutions operating in Lithuania being placed under legally binding orders to prevent all payments and credit related to participation in illegal gambling.

In addition, the Authority will have the right to issue legally binding orders to information hosting services or network service providers to block access to illegal remote gambling operators’ websites.

Information related to those gambling operators organising remote gambling illegally in Lithuania will be announced publicly.

Virginijus Dauksys, director of the Gaming Control Authority, said: “These changes to regulation have been widely publicised and will be strictly legally enforced.

“Gaming operators need to be licensed to operate in the Republic of Lithuania.”

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