UK horse racing bodies to join forces

The Racing Partnership (TRP), a company that represents 22 racecourses in the UK, has secured a new deal with the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers (FRB).

Under the agreement, which will run to the end of 2019, on-course bookmakers represented by the FRB will make their prices available for the exclusive use of TRP.

The deal will come into effect on January 1 at independent venues Lingfield Park, Doncaster, Southwell, Wolverhampton, Royal Windsor and Worcester, with the nine Arena Racing Company courses also overseen by the TRP to be added at a later date.

The FRB was formed in 2003 to provide an umbrella organisation to cover the Association of Racecourse Bookmakers, National Association of Bookmakers and Rails Bookmakers Association.

“I am delighted the FRB and TRP have been able to agree this deal, that has enabled us to provide TRP with the data generated by the leading on-course bookmakers who operate across the TRP estate,” FRB director Robin Grossmith said.

Mark Kingston, director of the TRP, added: “TRP has always wanted to contract with all on course bookmakers that stand on its racecourses.

“The agreement with the FRB, together with the deal with the BRBA announced earlier in the year, means exactly that.

“As a result, TRP will be the only source of official race day data to the off-course market.”

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