Colossus Bets to ‘transform’ pool betting at British racecourses

colossusbetsimageColossus Bets has agreed a new partnership with British racecourses that it said will “enhance the future pool betting” at the venues.

The company brokered the deal with Project Steering Board, which represents 54 racecourses in Great Britain, and said it will allow punters to access a host of new betting options such as cash-out and access to the Colossus Bets ‘Syndicates’ platform.

The bets will be owned by British racecourses, but delivered using Colossus Bets’ technology.

Bets will be available on-site at venues, as well as via a remote betting platform to be offered by the racecourse consortium and via third-party betting operators, including Colossus Bets and its own network of partner operators.

Nigel Roddis, managing director of the British Racecourses pool betting project, said: “This arrangement gives us access to the most advanced and flexible pool betting platform available, so I am delighted that we have been able to partner with Colossus Bets.

“I am particularly excited by the possibilities provided by the Syndicates feature which will enable the crowdfunding of tickets into racing pools.

“Syndicates will allow punters to very publicly advertise their opinions and to encourage others to join in their bets.”

David O’Reilly, chief operating officer at Colossus Bets, added: “Pool betting on horseracing is a sleeping giant and we look forward to working with British Racing to bring cutting edge features and technology to racing punters, with life-changing prize pools.”

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