Serious Complaint !!!Bet365 trying to trick me? crazy story+my paysafecard option

A serious complaint posted in forum about Bet365 who has started to behave very bad to its customers.We have a lot of complaints about restricting accounts without reason etc… Here is the story :
Student to sue Bet365 for over refused £1m payoutI need urgent help!
Bet365 chat agents are rude, repeating nonsense and just closing my chat…

I made bet365 5 years ago, verified and never ever deposit or play on it untill yesterday.

I am from Croatia, and as you know law there is to not gamble outside country.
So bet365 removed Skrill as deposit/withdrawal some time ago for new customers, so for Croatians except buying bet accounts, no any other option was available to deposit and be sure it is not under law 🙂

2 days ago i gone on FAQ on bet365 withdrawal page and select Croatia-EUR.
I saw my paysafecard as option- I said yes finally they have it.

This is their text from FAQ:

my paysafecard Account

If you have deposited funds via a my paysafecard account, you can withdraw via wire. Alternatively, if your bet365 account is registered in one of the following countries, withdrawals can be processed back to your my paysafecard account; Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

You can request a withdrawal via the Services menu

; select Bank then Withdraw.

In order for your withdrawal to be successful, the name and email address on your bet365 account must match the details on your my paysafecard account. Ensure that your withdrawal amount is within the limits available on your my paysafecard account or verify your my paysafecard account to benefit from increased limits.

Where you have used your my paysafecard account to make a deposit, bet365 reserves the right to refund all withdrawals back to your my paysafecard account.

Gone on chat to confirm this:
3 times asked agent if i deposit from mypaysafe to bet, same email etc, can I payout back, she said clear YES! (Screenshots in attach)

Deposited, all went normal…win some small profit, gone on withdraw- only one option is wire- Which is not legal in Croatia for offshores and gambling…so dramma started, whole day on chat, all saying shit that they try add withdraw option manualy to my account and it cant be added…
THAT IS ALL I GOT FROM 5 opened chats i day, any further question lead to bye from them.
Finally lady on support says there is currency some problem and it cant be added as withdraw option to my account now.

So I contacted paysafecard, my account is verified, Unlimited and have option for PAYOUT. Currency can not be a problem, as you upload Croatian Kunas-and get EUR on your bet365 acc, same is vice versa.
Only thing is that they dont want to withdraw it, and thats it.

So I again contact paysafe to double check, and again they tell my account is unlimited, no restriction, verified and located in Croatia.
Asked me what error gave me bet365, i couldnt tell them as they dont talk any more than: it cant be added to your account now.

WHAT TO DO, I respect them, but I have stress etc for fun gambling damn.
Anyone ever payout (withdraw) from bet365 to my paysafecard?
Any help will be good,

p.s. Both bet365 and mypaysafe are full verified, same email, name, adress- everything.
Screenshots in attach!

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