ComTrade Gaming awarded GSA certification for sCore

Gaming industry software supplier ComTrade Gaming has been awarded certification from the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) for its sCore G2S Protocal Engine v1.1.9.

A GSA member company, ComTrade has had the product certified to the GSA standards of G2S v2.1 and GSA Point-to-Point SOAP/HTTPS Transport and Security Specification v1.2.

The GSA Certification Program promotes interoperability in gaming products that implement GSA standards.

“Becoming GSA Certified requires the applying company and its products to meet the highest industry standards,” GSA’s president, Peter DeRaedt, said. “The GSA’s Certification Program has been created to provide operators with increased level of confidence that GSA certified products are interoperable.”

Aleš Gornjec, ComTrade’s general manager, added: “Regulators, tax authorities and central monitoring agencies will benefit by employing our G2S Protocol Engine to efficiently offload the complexity of handling communication and data collection with gaming machines.”

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