HostGator Experiences 2nd Outage in Six Months: Many Gambling Affiliates Down was reporting that at least three of their servers had experienced an outage but countless site operators have been affected.

Website owners were quick to take to the Net:

About our 200 websites are all down and i just can say it’s a disaster to us!
is there any solutions to switch to another server in case like this?

Another disgruntled site owner wrote:

my site is down, can we get an ETA on this? I’ve been on hold for 40 minutes on the phone and I don’t think they are going to answer any phone support. This sucks!

This past spring, another HostGator outage lasted for days, leaving website owners high and dry and resulting in substantial loss of revenue for many.

HostGator also hosts banner platforms so websites experiencing issues with site loads that are hosted elsewhere should disable these ad banners.

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