Paysafecard announces update for app

Pre-paid payment provider paysafecard has unveiled a new update to its application that enables users to locate points of sale and control their spending in a “faster and easier” fashion.

The augmented reality 360° function shows the customer sales outlets that are close to their current location, while a new interactive search function is also available to assist users.

In addition, the paysafecard app also allows users to rate sales outlets, thereby letting fellow customers know which locations are the best for purchasing a paysafecard.

The app also offers a number of other features such as a charging option via QR code and mobile access to the online account of a paysafecard.

Users are also kept up-to-date with the latest paysafecard-related news, promotions and competitions, and they can also access tips on the app free-of-charge.

The app is now available on all iOS and Android devices.

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