UK Culture Secretary calls for more gambling protection

UK Culture Secretary Maria Miller has called for gamblers to be given more protection despite the introduction of a new spending limit code of conduct, according to UK public-service broadcaster the BBC.

As reported by iGaming Business, the new voluntary code was developed by the Association of British Bookmakers and introduced on February 28.

The code allows punters to set limits on the amount of time and money they spend on fixed odds betting terminals.

Miller has proposed that the new code becomes compulsory and the rules should be toughened up to include forced spending and time limits, the news follows moves by the House of Lords to amend the Gambling Bill and restrict pre-watershed advertising activities from igaming companies. 

Under the proposals, UK bookmakers would have to sign up to the code in order to obtain a gambling licence in the country.

Miller also expressed her concern over the amount of gambling adverts currently being shown on UK television and ordered the Advertising Standards Authority regulatory body to review the rules over such advertisements.

“We want a successful gambling industry but not at the price of public protection,” Miller said. “Player protections must be made mandatory so that every bookmaker must abide by the new rules.

“I have asked the Gambling Commission to make this happen. In the future, these rules will therefore form part of the operators’ licence conditions and bookmakers will have to accept them or not be able to trade.”

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