Sahara trek to raise funds for RGT

A team of 21 volunteers ventures to the Sahara desert this week to raise funds for the Responsible Gambling Trust. 

The team will be trekking for five days, crossing 100km of dunes and open desert. The volunteers hope to raise more than £45,000 for the Trust.

This is the RGT’s second such fundraising expedition. In 2013, volunteers raised more than £70,000 trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Marc Etches, chief executive of the RGT – who will also be taking part in the trek – said: “I am delighted that so many from the gambling industry have volunteered to take part in what promises to be a gruelling challenge.

“The money we raise will help to build civil society’s knowledge of the harm caused by problem gambling and put in place the education and treatment services that minimise that harm.”

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