Odobo adds Probability Jones to roster of game developers

Gibraltar-based game developer program Odobo has signed up game architects Probability Jones as its latest developer partner, with six games set to be launched on the Odobo Marketplace.The deal will initially deliver six original HTML5 game formats, optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile for an exclusive period on the Odobo Marketplace.

Beat the Croupier and Imperial 7’s will be the first two games to be released by Probability Jones on Odobo’s real-money gaming platform within the next few weeks.

David Newstead, partner and co-founder of Probability Jones, said the company was “delighted” to be bringing new game formats to market via Odobo.

“The game development cycle has been agile yet thorough, and we already have two games nearing completion,” said Newstead. “With the support of Odobo we’ve managed to move from final game specifications to certification and release in just twelve weeks and that’s an impressive turnaround, especially for our bespoke formats.”

The two new titles retain the core appeal of traditional format parlour table and dice games but add strategic elements to enhance the experience and game play.

“Probability Jones are a great example of the creative and talented studios that Odobo was designed to support,” said Odobo founder and CEO Ashley Lang. “They consistently present concepts that feel right for the market at the appropriate time.

“It’s clear that they have a real understanding of what players are looking for and successfully blend familiarity with innovation time and again. We’re very excited about this partnership opportunity.”

source : www.gamingintelligence.com

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