Liverpool fan bets penis tattoo if Reds win title this year

There are times when you just have to stomach a bet-gone-wrong and hope that you somehow escape from it unscathed. That’s the predicament British lad and Liverpool fan Tom Pound finds himself in after making one of the weirdest sporting bets we’ve heard of recently.

Back in September, Pound, a die-hard Reds fan made a bet with his fiancee Kylie Brinkley and future father-in-law Stephen that if Liverpool somehow wins the EPL title this year, he was going to have the Liver Bird and the team’s famous motto “You’ll Never Walk Alone” tattooed on his junk. It seemed like a harmless bet at that time, even when Liverpool was displaying flashes of brilliance early on in the season. Pound probably thought that the team couldn’t maintain its pace after beating Manchester United, 1-0, last September. After all, recent history hasn’t been kind to the team, as is the fact that it hasn’t won an English club title since 1990.

Fast forward to today and the English Premier League has only two match days left on the schedule and the team on top of the table is…Liverpool.

Pound did get a huge assist over the weekend when Chelsea beat Liverpool, 2-0, to tighten the championship race, possibly down to the last day of the season in less than two weeks’ time. Theoretically, both Chelsea and Manchester City still have a shot at winning the league, sparing Pound the embarrassment of vandalizing his own manhood. But should the Reds hang on, a trip to the tattoo parlor is on the horizon for this 27-year old. And if he’s looking for mercy from his fiancé, he’s not getting it.

According to the Mirror, Brinkley is all-in on this bet, telling the daily that she and her pops “won’t let him wriggle out of it” before adding that Pound has got to go for the “whole length” of it. We can only imagine that Brinkley wants to get Pound tattooed with a hard-on, supposedly making it easier for the artist to ink Liverpool’s motto on it.

For sheer hilarity’s sake, we’re hoping that Liverpool wins the EPL title, now more than ever with a bet of this magnitude on the table.

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