Protecting your online sportsbook account

Selecting cyber security software

Back in the day a copy of the latest Nortons or McAfee is all you needed to feel a sense of security on the world wide web. As attacks have gotten more sophisticated, so has cyber security and the software on the market. Nowadays it is advisable to go for the full solution: Antivirus plus firewall. While Windows firewall is better than nothing, there is no reason not to spend the extra few dollars for the whole package. ESet software has become popular among sports bettors.

Selecting a strong password

Sportsbook Review has advised readers many times on the importance of selecting a strong password using random letters and numbers as well as capitalization. Hackers can run password crackers which work by checking dictionary words and combinations of numbers. Avoid commonly used passwords, phrases, family members names or your pets name. You will also want to make sure that you do not use the same password at more than one website. In other words, your Yahoo password should not be the same as your online banking account or sportsbook password. If your email account is compromised, many accounts can then run through the “Forgot Password” procedure at most websites and your password can be changed via email.

Avoid public logins if possible

While you may have the urge to check your sportsbook balance to see if a game graded properly while on the line at Starbucks, you open the door of vulnerability in the event that a nefarious hacker is monitoring the free public Wifi. The same absolutely applies for logging in physically at a library or similar shared accesss hotspot location. Some browsers auto remember passwords so even if you are finished using the computer you could be at risk of having your account compromised.

Wireless network home configuration

While we are generally safer in the comfort of our own homes, make sure to also use a strong password for your wireless router. The nosy next door neighbor who is aware of your gambling activities and has a degree in computer science may be curious to try his luck at a hand of Blackjack using your sportsbook funds if you leave your network vulnerable to attack.

The above tips do not make you impervious to attack but you can vastly decrease your chances of becoming a victim.

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