Gambling Commission extends online application service

The UK Gambling Commission has extended its online application service in order to allow operators to apply for a non-remote licence or make amendments to an existing non-remote licence via its website.

The extension comes after the regulatory body introduced the online application service for remote operators in February this year.

The Gambling Commission said that the extension would enable applicants to navigate through the application in a way that “reflects their business model and individual circumstances” by offering an option to skip questions that are not applicable to them.

The application online system also allows applicants to upload various information and supporting documents, such as certified copies of identity documents and banks statements.

The Gambling Commission said this would help to reduce the risk of delivery delays and original documents being lost in the post.

The regulatory body also confirmed that it has not withdrawn the facility for non-remote applicants to make applications using the existing manual application forms, but will do so in the future.

Dawn Best, licensing manager at the Gambling Commission, said: “This further development of online services for non-remote operators builds on the introduction of the online application service for remote operators in February.

“This is a further step along the way to providing a complete set of eServices for all applicants and licensees.”

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