Wyoming launches INTRALOT-powered state lottery

Wyoming has become the 44th US state to launch a state lottery after legislation was enacted last year, with the INTRALOT-powered offering generating $198,612 in sales on its first day of operation. The Wyoming Lottery Corporation was established in last year’s legislative session after years of failed attempts, and signed into law in July.

Prior to the enactment of this legislation, Wyoming was one of only seven US states without a lottery, having failed previously in 2007, 2009 and 2011 to pass similar legislation.

In March this year, Greek lottery supplier INTRALOT was selected as the lottery’s gaming vendor and was awarded a five-year contract to supply systems and services including start-up and ongoing services.

INTRALOT has also aided the lottery in recruiting retailers in the state, with many holding launch parties to celebrate the first lottery draws.

The newly-formed WyoLotto was launched on Sunday. In its first day of operation the lottery reported sales of $1,000 per minute for the first hour of tickets being made available for a total of $198,612 between noon and midnight.

This was comprised largely of Powerball sales, which generated $130,578, with $68,034 earned from the Mega Millions product.

“We had a very good grand opening day, showing the tremendous support that Wyoming residents have for the lottery,” the lottery’s chief executive Jon Clontz commented. “The credit also goes to the dedicated retailers, many of whom held their own launch parties.”

The Wyoming Lottery is aiming to generate up to $13m in its first year of ticket sales, with proceeds after expenses, prizes and repaying a start-up loan, to go to state coffers. The first $6m is to be distributed to cities, towns and counties, with the remaining funds to be inveted in education.

source : www.gamingintelligence.com

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