Intralot launches 44th lottery in US

Greek-owned gaming and lottery provider Intralot has completed the launch of its 44th state lottery in the US in the form of the Wyoming Lottery (WyoLotto).

The launch comes after the Lottery in December 2013 released a Request for Proposal for Lottery Operations and Services.

After proposals were submitted by three vendors, Intralot was awarded a five-year contract with three additional five-year extension options.

Under the agreement, Intralot provides ongoing services such as supply, installation, maintenance and support of the new lottery central system and software platforms, terminal network and communications.

Intralot also provides field sales staff to recruit and train retailers, as well as working with them to help boost sales.

“The Launch of the Wyoming Lottery has been a rewarding and exciting experience,” WyoLotto chief executive officer Jon Clontz said.

“To set foot on the ground last October and be opening a lottery 10 months later is a remarkable achievement.

“An even more remarkable outcome is that we launched the lottery without any major systems, technology or point of sale problems.”

Tom Little, chief executive officer of Intralot, added: “We have been working closely with the Wyoming Lottery towards a secure and successful launch since our award in April.

“We are extremely excited because this is our 14th contract award in the U.S. market and our second start-up of new lottery operations; the previous being the successful start-up of the Arkansas Lottery in 2012.”

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