Genii rolls out Spin16 product line

Gaming technology provider Genii has unveiled a new video slot product line that will enable players to interact directly with reels and spin them in various directions.

Featuring patented technology from the firm, Genii said its new ‘Spin16’ line will leverage the full area of touchscreen devices and features swipe action to enable a more interactive playing experience.

The multi-directional spin feature will allow users to access multiplier bonuses on any payline wins for matching the house pick.

In addition, a ‘spin cold’ and ‘spin hot’ feature will enable players to follow the direction that is currently the coldest or hottest based on live results from other players online.

Spin16 games are supported on Windows, Apple and Android platforms and can be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile.

Nick Barr, who was last month appointed sales director at Genii, said: “There has been very little true innovation in slots over the past few decades.

“Yes, the graphics look nicer, but the way they are played hasn’t really changed.

“Spin16 is a truly unique slots concept which is built for today’s devices.

“The games are still very much video slots – they retain enough similarity to the recognised format for easy player transition, but also feel new and improved.

“We’re very excited about the potential of Spin16 and feel it can truly shake up the slots market.”

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