Lottotech to launch tailored US solution

Lottery platform provider Lottotech has revealed plans to launch a new solution that has been designed specifically for the US market.

The solution, the first of its kind to have been developed for a certain geographic region and jurisdiction, will allow players in the US to order lottery tickets online for the same price as in a local kiosk.

Lottotech said the solution has been develop in compliance with US authorities and regulatory bodies, and will operate on a business model that does not derive profit based on the ticket itself.

The solution will now sit alongside Lottotech’s other White Label, API, Licensee and Affiliate offerings.

In a statement, the company said: “As the industry’s leading software provider, Lottotech is committed to invest effort and resources to diversify its offerings and to tailor its advanced technology towards the specific business objectives and audience demands of individual markets and regions.”

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