Perform Group secures integrity agreement with Fifa

Digital sports media company Perform Group has entered into a partnership with Fifa to support football’s global governing body in its effort to protect the integrity of the sport in regions around the world.

Under the deal, Perform will integrate Opta’s historical and live performance data into the Fifa Early Warning System’s (EWS) integrity monitoring system.

Perform said this integration would optimise both the detection and analysis of suspicious activities in sports betting, which could be an indicator for match manipulation at football matches – including those governed by Fifa.

In addition, Perform and EWS will share information in an open and collaborative manner in an effort to further develop the integrity services of both parties.

“This cooperation with a leading sports data service provider is a perfect fit for our monitoring approach to ensure an effective and fact-based match analysis,” Fifa’s director of security Ralf Mutschke said.

“Perform is a very strong partner in the global fight against match manipulation, and such cooperation represents a fundamental keystone of our overall strategy.”

Matthew Drew, director of integrity and security at Perform, added: “Perform fully supports EWS and its commitment to monitor and respond to the threat of match manipulation.

“We are delighted that Perform digital content can so readily be used in partnership with rights holders in order to strengthen the integrity of competitions.

“We look forward to cooperating with EWS for the benefit of Fifa competitions and those of its associations and confederations for a long time to come.”

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