Innova Gaming subsidiary extends Missouri Lottery deal

Innova Gaming has announced that its Diamond Game Enterprises has signed a one-year extension to its pilot agreement with the Missouri Lottery.

Under the deal, Diamond Game will continue to install its LT-3 ticket dispenser units in veterans and fraternal clubs across the state.

Diamond Game will also begin to install LT-3s in a limited number of ‘liquor-by-the-drink’ (LBD) locations in Missouri.

“We expect that introduction of LT-3s into select LBD locations will build on that success.” Missouri Lottery executive director Scheve Reardon said.

“Lottery players will enjoy a fun, new product, while local businesses will benefit from increased visits by patrons, and the State’s education fund will receive much-needed additional revenue.”

Richard Weil, chairman and chief executive of Innova, added: “This Agreement builds on the successful LT-3 pilot program we commenced in November 2013 in Missouri.

“It represents both an extension and an expansion of the current pilot program, which to this point was run exclusively in veterans and fraternal halls.

“By adding LBD locations, the Missouri Lottery has offered us an opportunity to demonstrate the broad appeal of the LT-3 in non-traditional gaming venues, while bolstering revenues to small businesses, non-profits, and education in the state.”

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