Redbet holds payout until player agrees to stop using VPN

redbetimageA Redbet Sportsbook player has complained that he has been denied a payout on the basis that he is using a VPN to access his sports betting account.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network acts a secure tunnel between two devices, and functionally hides a user’s true network / IP address, and can even make a user appear as if he is from a different country entirely.

For example, say you are attempting to browse Hulu while traveling internationally, a VPN can help it appear as though that you are located in the US and will allow you to access the streaming service.

Online betting sites that offer sign-up bonuses however need to ensure that troublemakers do not try double-dipping on bonus offers, and as such might specifically outlaw VPN usage in their terms and conditions. Redbet has exercised their right to do so.

The player is attempting to withdraw the amount of €120.

Sportsbook Review advised the player of the reasons that Redbet is likely to have the rule in place and made him aware of a recent editorial that pertained to VPN usage at online sportsbooks. He will have to comply with the request of Redbet before asking for payment; he is presently unwilling to do so citing privacy concerns. is not presently listed in the sportsbook rating guide.

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