Ukraine set to legalise gambling after six-year ban

Ukraine is close to ending a six-year prohibition on gambling after its Ministry of Finance published a bill to legalise and regulate gambling activities across the country.

According to various reports, the new bill covers online casino, sports betting and land-based casinos in Ukraine.

Ukrainian companies with more than €2 million ($2.2 million) in capital, without borrowing, can apply for a gambling licence.

A one-year licence is expected to cost between €300,000 and €1 million, while an online casino licence would set operators back approximately €1.5 million.

Ukraine will only allow one single lottery operator, with the licence to be issued via a tender process, bookmakers would face restrictions on the location of their offices, but would be permitted to offer services online.

Ukraine operators have not been able to offers any gambling or betting services since prohibition was introduced in 2009.

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