NetBet’s $4m Jackpot Winner on Their Big Win

NetBet’s $4m Jackpot Winner on Their Big WinA NetBet customer who won over $4m playing the Gold Rally slot machine as opened up about the moment they won, how it has affected their lives, and what they are going to do with all of that money.

 I hate Christmas.

It’s the money.

It costs me a fortune.

I never save enough. I always get caught in the same old quandary of going into debt to buy a pile of crap that nobody ever appreciates.

It won’t happen next year.

I have a plan.

I am going to play the slot machines.

One lucky punter netted a pre-Christmas haul of $4,050,431.74 playing the Gold Rally slot machine on NetBet. With their anonymity secured, this is what they had to say about that amazing bounty.

How long have you been playing online casino games?

“I have been playing online casino games for 10-years. I started playing on NetBet a few months ago. I think NetBet is the best. The graphic design is nice, and it is very easy to choose the games that you like as the page is clean and simple. NetBet offers a lot of good promotions too, much more than other sites where I used to play, so I now keep playing with NetBet.”

What types of games do you play?

“I always play slots, but I don’t have any specific or favourite game. I like to try and play new games, and NetBet is always offering new games, which I like. I usually play the games with a lot of stars and with higher jackpot amounts.”

Talk me through the build up to your big win.

“I remember that on that day I was playing another slot, and I already won $5,000. I thought it was time to change games, so I started playing Gold Rally. I found out it was one of the most popular games on the site and that there was a promotion running for it. I also read on the promotion page that the more you play, the more chances you get, so I decided to give it a try, I had played for about 10 minutes at $2 a line when I triggered the jackpot. I don’t think I played a lot more that day.”

How did it feel when you won the jackpot?

“I was like,”what”? What is this? The number keeps changing – I didn’t understand what was going on at first. Then I called NetBet support to check that I had got the jackpot, and they immediately confirmed the win; it was an amazing moment.”

What are you planning to do with $4m?

“For now, I have decided to buy a new car and repay a debt that I made when I set up my company. I would like to share the excitement of the win, but I am not sure I want to do it yet. I don’t know how people will react once I tell them about it. Of course, the first person I told was my wife, at first, she thought I was joking and did not believe me, but of course, now she is very excited.

“I want to say a big thank you to NetBet for this amazing experience and also, I appreciate all the support that NetBet gave me, both before, and after, the big win. I would recommend NetBet to anyone; the big wins are incredible, the site is great, and the support is second to none.”

NetBet is the official betting sponsors for the English Premier League side West Brom, and also, sponsor French League sides St Etienne and Ajaccio. They operate in the UK, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Romania and France. NetBet operates an online casino, sports book, online poker and, of course, slot machines that change your life.

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