registers mobile growth with Element Wave shareholders approve GVC merger has revealed that it has been able to enhance its mobile offering over the past 15 months through an ongoing partnership with mobile marketing technology and service provider Element Wave.

According to a case study released by Element Wave, which has been working with the customer relationship management (CRM) team, a targeted push and in-application campaigns have consistently achieved 200% to 300% higher mobile bets when compared to control groups.

In addition, Element Wave’s custom-built technology produced between 50 and 100 times more mobile bets on specific in-play campaigns.

Other key figures from the study include in-play RTB campaigns producing twice as many overall mobile bets across all live markets on selected sporting events.

The partnership covered mobile activities across 15 of’s native mobile apps across various countries and labels.

“The team at Element Wave have done an excellent job in modernising our mobile CRM approach, providing both custom-built technology and the mobile marketing expertise to plan and execute campaigns,”’s head of CRM, Gonen Solomon, said.

“This has resulted in a real uplift in both our mobile turnover and player engagement.”

Dorothy Creaven, chief executive of Element Wave, added: “Our custom-built, market-leading technology is all about opening up creative options for mobile marketing.

“We do this by personalising content based on key touch points in user journeys, previous purchase history and popular trends.

“Now is definitely the time to be investing in mobile CRM and marketing.”

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