Tipico launches Couchsport’s Tippn app for Austrian players

tipicoimageCouchsport, the Berlin-based sports-betting app developer backed by leading German bookmaker Tipico, has expanded into the Austrian gaming market with the launch of its mobile product Tippn.

Tippn allows users to place bets by swiping their smartphone screens from left to right, using similar motions to dating app Tinder, and is now available from the Austrian Apple AppStore.

It has been designed with an easy-to-use interface, offering a casual and fun form of sports betting designed to attract new and less experienced gamblers, the company said.

It was created through a partnership between Couchsport and Tipicio, originally launching in Germany in May last year. Since then it has regularly ranked among the most popular sports apps in the German App Store, often rising to the top of the chart during high-profile football matches.

source : www.gamingintelligence.com

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