Russia considers new 10% online sports betting tax

Russia considers new 10% online sports betting taxRussia’s government has put forward a proposal that could lead to a new 10% tax on online sports betting sales in the country.

In a notice published this week by Russia’s Finance Ministry, the government has outlined plans to amend current federal law and introduce the new rate from December this year.

Details of the planned tax are yet to be fully confirmed by the Finance Ministry, with Russian media reporting confusion amidst operators over whether ‘sales’ refers to revenue or turnover.

The proposal will come as further blow to online sports betting operators after Russian authorities also recently announced a new set of fees that companies will be forced to pay in order to accept online wagers in regions across the country.

Russia only awarded its first official online sport betting licence earlier this year to domestic operator Liga Stavok.

The proposed new tax rate will remain open to public comment until May 5.

Last month, Russian gambling operator First Gaming revealed that the amount wagered on sports in the country’s illegal gambling industry declined in 2015, with football leading the way as the most popular sport to place wagers on.

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