William Hill turns to Hollywood for new ‘fast’ commercial

UK Bookmaker, William Hill, has turned to the Hollywood Director Paul W. S. Anderson in a bid to move away from the ‘crass cliches’ that the gambling space seems to roll out when it comes to TV commercials.

Amazon introduced the groundbreaking 1-Click patent in 1999. Since then, the largest online shopping centre in history has earned billions of dollars as customers find an ease of service like never before.

William Hill turns to Hollywood for new ‘fast’ commercial Choose an item.

Click a button.

Wait for the item to arrive in the post.


I think so, and so does William Hill

There is Nothing But White Noise

Paddy Power excepted, commercials for sports betting apps all seem to follow the same lads down the pub type of format. Pete Spiers, head of advertising and content for William Hill calls this barrage of banality ‘the white noise of sports betting marketing’, and he was eager to avoid the crowd when thinking of his latest 30-second ad.

The answer was simple.

If you want to stand out and create an innovative and compelling piece of art, then there is only one place to turn.

William Hill Turn to Hollywood For The Answer

Spiers had the idea, Bark & Bite worked on the production, and Hollywood director Paul W. S. Anderson was drafted in to do the rest. Amongst Anderson’s impressive IMDB resume include Alien v Predator, Resident Evil, and the 2008 remake of Death Race.

Like Amazon, William Hill has worked wonders removing as many finger tapping barriers as they can between a punter logging in and making a bet. The net result is a much faster experience and that’s the tale told in the ad.

Check it out.

The ad debuted on ITV during the England v Scotland World Cup Qualifier on Friday night.

Spiel told EGR that he was delighted with the result likening the end product to the ads produced by the likes of Nike, Guinness, and Stella.

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