New Jersey Governor urges Trump to support online gaming

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed a new bill calling for US President Donald Trump to oppose any legislation that would prohibit individual states in the country from regulating online gaming.

According to various media reports, the joint resolution, introduced earlier this year by State Representative Vincent Mazzeo, urges the President and Congress to consider how internet gambling is playing a key role in the ongoing recovery of Atlantic City.

The New Jersey resort has suffered heavily in recent years, but following the state’s decision to legalise certain forms of online gaming, gambling revenue is on the up.

The legislation directly addresses danger posed by the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), which would reverse a 2011 US Department of Justice ruling that has enabled New Jersey, along with Delaware and Nevada, to legalise online gaming.

A number of other states are also considering introducing a regulated internet gambling market, but should the RAWA come into law, this would outlaw all forms of online gaming in the US.

The bill said: “Recent federal measures, such as [RAWA], introduced in the 114th Congress, if pursued by the 115th Congress and supported by President Trump and his administration, would prohibit the transmission of wire communication of any bet or wager … including internet gaming.”

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