claims industry first with new betting platform has launched what it said is the first-ever P2P sports betting platform where players are able to set their own odds.

Regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the model allows users to select a sports event from a list on the platform and then choose the method by which the bet can be won – such as the winner of the total number of points that will be scored in a match.

The player then sets the odds that they wish and connect with many of the major networking applications to invite friends to compete against, as well as share the bet online.

All bets created are automatically shown on a main feed where players can find their friends’ bets, updates and favourite preferences.

In addition, users can create private groups with their family or co-workers and create bets within this group.

Deposit and withdrawals via methods such as credit card, wire transfer and E-wallets, while players will also have the option to test the platform with chips.

In a statement, said: “The new P2P sports betting platform allows players to bet on various sports events worldwide on their own conditions like the method of bet, odds, amount of money they are willing to risk and even decide who will be able to bet them.

“Bringing fun and excitement, as well as making the sports betting world sociable, takes friendly rivalry to the next level.”

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