LaLiga to combat illegal betting with in-house software

LaLiga, which operates the top two divisions of Spanish football, has launched in-house monitoring software as part of an effort to tackle illegal betting and match-fixing.

The new software is due to go live ahead of the 2017-18 season and will replace existing systems supplied by third-party providers.

LaLiga already shares in-house software with the Spanish police force to help in its ongoing fight against piracy.

Speaking in an interview with SportBusiness International, Alfredo Lorenzo Mena, director of integrity and security for LaLiga, said the software will now complement the organisation’s wider integrity strategy.

“We have been very satisfied with the work of our partners, but we need to enhance our monitoring process, and if we manage things in-house, we can utilise our knowledge of the lower divisions,” Mena said.

“We are developing our own software and have our own team of analysts. Under the new system, perhaps 50-60% of the analysis can be attributed to the software, but the other intelligence we will bring to the situation is very important.

“We have tailor-made resources to monitor our competitions and perhaps other leagues and associations could follow this example in due course.”

Mena added: “We have such a strong integrity programme and we do believe that our competition is well protected.

“The effort we are putting into education and prevention is of paramount importance.

“We are investing time and money, but it’s not an expenditure; it’s an investment for a better future.

“We have the best players and teams in the world so we have to be the best in terms of protecting the competition.”

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