InBet launches 3D Dogs Race

InBet has released 3D Dogs Race, a virtual dogs race featuring six tough-looking, athletic, lean greyhounds that race to the finish line.

The player is drawn into the game from the start of this fast, intense and energetic race, in which only one will end up as an absolute winner.

The competitive spirit spurs up the hardy, muscular dogs as they gallop through the track attempting to get ahead of one another. 

This adrenaline-boosting game will test a better’s nerve,  as the dogs’ speed reach the highest limit in a relentless rivalry to attain the highest rank in this super Greyhound 3 D Dogs Race.

As the race intensifies, and the bet on dog approaches the finishing line, the game is designed to give the customer an exhilarating victorious thrill.

It features 3D graphics, background sound effects, fantastic animation features and multiple camera angles to bring the customer into the real dog races environment.

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